Halo 5 map Argus
Manufactured: 2016 (Developed in Halo 5)
Arthur: Unknown
  • Giant hill
  • Trenches
  • Beaches
  • Plains
  • Destroyed city in the background
Game: Halo 5
  • 8 Scorpions
  • 7 Rocket Warthogs
  • 7 Default Warthogs
Fate: Taken by Shadow Ocean on July 21st, reclaimed by Tyrena on November 22nd, of the same year...
Class: Fictional Matchmaking Map
Halo Region: Unknown

"Cities burn on the surface of this unidentified moon, Oni starts widespread evacuations planet wide, as the Island fortress across the bay is abandoned..."

Argus is a fictional Halo 5 Map, for the video game Halo 5 Guardians, which was designed to take part as one of the Battles during the Clan Crisis participated in. It was identified to have been the major home server for the Clan Tyrena, before the server was Invaded and occupied by Shadow Ocean on July 21st 2017.

The map was reclaimed by Tyrena on November 22nd, 2017, while the war was turning against Shadow Ocean. It was identified that the server was turned into a development server where codes could be stored in order to replace lost non Halo based vehicles, while original Halo playable vehicles from the Franchise are developed from the Shadow Ocean Halo Reach server Oceanic Industries.


Having to be located on an unidentified moon, Argus was shown to posses a large hill surrounded by sea, and forests, in which players are often able to use as a Raid map for clans or hang out spots.

Trenches and pillboxes surround the hill which allows clan members to defend themselves in the wake of a Raid against the map. Forests surrounded by fences are shown in the far distance where the trenches border from, while a beach is located to the West, where in the background, a city is shown on fire.

The skies are night and a planet is located to the far distance in the sky, while clouds flew overhead. In the center of the hill lies several radio antennas and a number of doorways which allow players to move through a network of tunnels which are connect to the trenches and pillboxes in and around the hill section of the map.


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