The Banshee Sages were a wing of the Seven Sages during the Moderation War Era in 2015, who piloted four Banshees at the time and used them for either ground strike dog fighting or aerial cover services, while defending the Hornet/Falcon Sages, who are either inserting themselves on the field, or launching an evacuation mission.

The Banshee Sages consists of four Xbox Live Players, RisingSun90777, ShadowNinja2788, BJLTheOverlord, and Sharpshooter369.

Unlike the Hornet crew, the Banshees of these four Sages survived the entire conflict, and were never shot down or destroyed by any Chaos fortification, the squadron disbanded from unknown reasons 4 months after the 3 month War, and three of the Banshees that were awarded to the Sages, vanished, leaving their fate unknown, however one of the Sages of the formal squadron, along side his Banshee, took a large role during the 7 month Clan Crisis on Xbox Live 2 years later in 2017.

Banshee Sages

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