Battle of Forge World
Date: October 21st, 2015
Conflict: Moderation War

Seven Sages...


Status: Sage Victory...
  • Chaos Forge World garrison destroyed...
  • Forge Fortress left in ruins...
  • Condemnation locks down Halo Reach, and Halo 3...
  • Chaos responds to attacking Epitaph Tower 20 hours later...
Server: Forge World
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Battle of Forge World was a strategic engagement in the Moderation War, that occurred in the Halo Reach server Forge World, between the Seven Sages, and Chaos.

The battle was mostly known as an act of payback against Forge World for Chaos shooting down three of the Sages, who were in a single Hornet during their escape from Sandbox about six days ago, the result of the battle ended up with the destruction of Chaos's entire Halo Reach fortress in Forge World, while at the same time also resulted in the lost of both an entire army, and Destro19884 the main leader of Chaos Occupied Halo Reach.

At the end of the engagement, Chaos resulted to this attack with the Invasion of Epitaph Tower, just 12 days later.



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