Battle of the Oceanic Network
Ice Breaker vs Kraken
Date: December 3rd, 2015
Conflict: Moderation War
Status: Seven Sage Victory...
  • Ice Breaker severely Damaged...
  • The Kraken is eliminated...
  • Seven Sages steer Ice Breaker back to AWASH...
  • Ice Breaker surfaces and is destroyed by Microsoft...
Server: Oceanic Network
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Battle of the Oceanic Network commonly known as The Engagement Under the Xbox Live Network was a frontal engagement between Ice Breaker and the Kraken, beneath the map AWASH.

The battle was initiated immediately after the Seven Sages were able to occupy the Ice Breaker, while it was attempting to escape the map, by diving into the seas under the map entering the Oceanic Network, where no Xbox Live Player nor moderator could enter, without losing their data.

At the end of the Seven Sage's attack on Ice Breaker, Condemnation immediately unleashed the Kraken, A specially designed project that was created by Condemnation from the Deep Web, into the Xbox Live Network in order to destroy the ship. The Engagement was known to last for hours, but ended in a Seven Sage victory, when the Ice Breaker was successfully able to launch 4 Deep Web Torpedos into the beasts mouth causing it to explode from within.

Though declared victory for the Seven Sages, the Ice Breaker took severe damage on the lower portion of the ships, including the damaging of one of its rudders which steers the ship up and down yet despite this amount damage the Ice Breaker was still able to remain functional enough in order to resurface back to AWASH, where it would later be destroyed by the Microsoft Server Missile moments after the Sages evacuate the vessel.


  • The Battle of the Oceanic Network was the first engagement in the Moderation War to take place outside of Xbox Live, before the Seven Sages crossed through the portal after Condemnation and Invaded the Deep Web...

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