Goliath White Sky RIiders
Manufactured: 2017 (Appears in Coronation)
Creator: 2091riveraisrael
Occupation: Two Legged Battleship
User: Aeons Windspear
Origin: White Sky Riders
  • Heavy mounted Gun
  • Several Miniguns
  • Jaw Cannons
  • Anti Air guns
  • Medium Range Artillery
  • Laser Cannons
Fate: Destroyed during Second Battle of the Glaciers...
Vehicle Class: Non Halo based
Model Class: Non Halo based vehicle
Class: Project based vehicle

Goliath was a giant 2 legged walking Battleship that was best known for its valiant attack on Shadow Ocean forces during the Second Battle of the Glaciers in October, of 2017, during the final months of the Clan Crisis, the giant battleship was destroyed by the Shadow Ocean OSS Banshee, but was significant enough to severely damaged the OSS, to the point that it was never again able to launch an attack on any clan.