Skirmish at COMPLEX
First Strike Concept Art
Date: September 31st, 2015
Event: Shadow Network Incident


Dark Horseman

  • Unknown
Status: FoxTrot Victory...
  • FoxTrot encounters the Dark Horseman...
  • Dark Horseman transfer orbs to VERTIGO...
  • COMPLEX is destroyed...
  • FoxTrot follows Deep Web Coding to VERTIGO...
  • COMPLEX declared lost by Microsoft...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Mission to COMPLEX also known as The COMPLEX Encounter was the opening event in the Shadow Network Incident, in which Major league gamer clan FoxTrot, was sent by Microsoft, in order to investigate the infected serve of COMPLEX, where about 9-12 players were killed and removed from the server, from an unknown enitity.

This one engagement was where FoxTrot would later encounter the Dark Horseman, while at the same time later lead them to the discovery of Condemnation.

Prior to the Event




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