OSS Banshee
Orbital Star Stryker
Manufactured: 2017 (Appears in Coronation)
Creator: 2091riveraisrael
Occupation: Stryker Ship
User: RisingSun90777
Origin: Shadow Ocean
  • Code Pounder Plasma Cannons
  • Homing Fuel Rod Rockets
  • Barrage Rockets
  • Focus Lasers
Fate: Unknown after fall of Shadow Ocean...
Vehicle Class: Re-Designed Re-Modeled Banshee
Model Class: Unknown
Class: Project based vehicle

The Orbital Star Stryker commonly referred to by most gamers as The OSS was a specially developed from scratch Banshee of Shadow Ocean, that was known to have been Re-sized and stocked with various guns and equipment meant for destruction.

The OSS was best known for its destructive barrages and attacks during the Clan Crisis in 2017, where it was successful in various attack runs against other clans, even against Tanya Bladedancer's Phoenix Gunship and even Aeons Windspear's giant two legged walking battleship Goliath during the Second Battle of the Glaciers on October 7th, 2017, but was severely damaged afterwards.

The fate of the OSS was left unclear, following the end of the Clan Crisis on December 31st, 2017, and the dismemberment of Shadow Ocean by New Years Day on January 1st, 2017, but it is likely possible that the giant Banshee was either erased from existence, or acquired by the White Sky Riders.



Having to be a redesigned model based on the actual video game Banshee from all of the Halo games, the Orbital Star Stryker unlike all of them, possesses powerful specially designed Code Pounder plasma cannons, Focus Cannons, and an unlimited supply of heat seeking Fuel Rod rounds and Barrage Rockets, having to be built by Shadow Ocean in retaliation to the Phoenix Gunship.

Although larger then the actual size of the Banshee, the OSS is faster and more maneuverable with the use of specialized self created modding which propels the craft at a fast speed similar to that of a fighter jet in the real world. Heavily armored the OSS is able to withstand anti tank guns, even a Scorpion shell, but was vulnerable from the bottom portion which still acted as normal Banshee Armor from the other Halo based games, however this weakness was never discovered until November of 2017.