Overseer Championship
Date: September 3rd, 2015
Status: FoxTrot Victory...
  • FoxTrot declared MLG by Microsoft...
  • Bungie locks down the Championship due to Attacks by Dark Horseman...
  • FoxTrot is chosen to scout out the infected Servers...
  • Shadow Network Incident begins...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Overseer Championship was a straight series of fictional matchmaking events that took place on Halo 4, about 5 days before the Landfall Event. Despite a major league championship, between Torus, and FoxTrot. The Machmaking event was won, by FoxTrot, a clan that was founded and started by FireWall87.

FoxTrot's victory at the end of the Overseer Championship, would become the main reason on why these four major league gamers would be hand chosen by Microsoft and sent out to the infected Halo 4 servers in order to find out what the main cause of the fragging of 19 players was, this outcome would later spark the Shadow Network Incident.

It would eventually be unknown to Microsoft and Bungie, that FoxTrot would never be seen again after being sent off to investigate the infected Halo 4 Maps.


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