Manufactured: 2015 (Developed in Halo 2 Anniversary)
Arthur: 2091riveraisrael
  • Sea
  • Hills & Cliffs
  • Forests
  • Lakes
  • Master Chief Collection
    • Halo 2 Anniversary
  • 2 Scorpion Tanks
  • 3 Hornets
  • 6 Civilian Warthog Transports
Fate: Liberated by Seven Sages...
Class: Forge Constructed Land Mass
Halo Region: Unclear (Possibly one Installation 05)

Region was a Forge map created by 2091riveraisrael, as part of the Virtual Conflict: Rise of Chaos Machinima Sets, that was located in Halo 2 Anniversary Forge World AWASH. The Map was never used for matchmaking or custom games, but became a major supply route for Chaos, in which Armies of AI's would transport data files in order to Feed Condemned its power in order to maintain control of the AI's.

Region came under fire by the Seven Sages, when they managed to ambush a large Chaos Convoy in the center of the wooded area, while enroute towards the Warp spot for decoding files.

The Seven Sages however returned 2 hours after the Ambush, only to try and liberate the server from Chaos, they succeeded in clearing out all of Chaos out from Region, thus liberating another map on AWASH.