RisingSun90777's Banshee
RisingSun's Banshee
Manufactured: 2015 (Appears in Virtual Conflcit)
Creator: 2091riveraisrael
Occupation: Ground Support Craft
User: RisingSun90777
  • Plasma Cannons
  • Fuel Rod Rockets
Fate: Piloted during the Moderation War by RisingSun90777, and later given to him by both Bungie and 343 Industries...
Vehicle Class: Banshee
Model Class: Classic Halo 2 Banshee
Class: Halo based vehicle

RisingSun90777's Banshee


Post Viral Day

Flight Through the Network

Moderation War

Battle of Relic

Air Practice Engagement

Trapped in Halo Reach

Zanzibar Raid

Attack on FORGE Fortress

Halo Wars Campaign

Attack on Dark Shadow

Battle of Order Island

Battle of Skyward

Battle of Ruined Shadow

Fall of IMPACT Fortress

Battle of the Warp Zone

Network Warfare

Deep Web Chase

Post Moderation War

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