Created: February 23rd, 2015
Former Team Color: Unknown
Armor Color: Teal & Green
Gender: Female
Species: Spartan
Faction: Tiger's Talons
Property of: The Project Corporation
Arsenal Most Used:
Status: Alive
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

RoseThorn732 was a young female gamer who was known to be apart of the Tiger's Talon's group run by TigerLilly. Forced against her own will to join the talons, due to her strict parent's forcing her to make friends online. RoseThorn despite not wanting to take part in any of the bullying caused by Tigerlily and RoyalSkye, often acted tough and cruel towards others even when she didn't want to.

Her and the rest of the Talons were eliminated during Viral Day on October 4th, 2015, but was able to save up enough money by working as a waitress in a restaurant in order to purchase a new Xbox and router connection.

Having to return to the Xbox Live network in 2016, she had reunited with RoyalSkye and attempted to apologize to everyone for their actions, but their one attempt to make things right would become shattered when the Clan Crisis erupted in June of 2017, and the two players were booted by Shadow Ocean forces at Ragnarok, sparking outrage amongst the fellow Talons.

Despite the terrible event, RoseThorn was still able to apologize to Aeons Windspear and RisingSun90777 for her and her formal friends cruel antics against Tanya Bladedancer, after RoseThorn found out about RisingSun's innocents and how he was forced against his will to attack everyone with Shadow Ocean. RoseThorn developed feelings for RisingSun90777 after getting to know him during matchmaking events on Halo 5, and the two began dating.

However tragedy struck, an unfortunate set of circumstances forced her to move away from her home, with her uncle and aunt, and away from RisingSun90777 where she would never see him again in 2022. Her moving away forever scarred RisingSun90777 in reality, as the two never saw each other again.


Pre-Moderation War

RoseThorn732 was somewhat of a smart-ass when it came to her personality. Growing up in a nearly cash-strapped family with an alcoholic father, RoseThorn had to work two or three part time jobs just to make ends meet during high school.

After high school ended, she discover her father had killed himself after the money she saved for college was wasted on whiskey, tequlia and other alcoholic drinks. Looking for an outlet for her growing anger, she took what money she could spare to buy an Xbox One and a copy of Halo, moved to her aunt & uncle's house and found a job working as a secretary at a family doctor's clinic until she could get back on her feet.

Soon after she would meet gamers TigerLily & RoyalSkye and would go on to form the Tiger's Talons, then the most dangerous female gaming clan in the history of Xbox Live.  

Viral Day

Post Moderation War


Halo 4


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