Manufactured: November 17th, 2015
Destroyed: 2015
Creator: Seven Sages
Occupation: Seven Sage single Vehicle transport
User: Seven Sages
Defenses: 12 Machine Gun Turrets
  • Participated in the Battle of Ruined Shadow...
  • Shotdown over Zanzibar...
Class: Forge Constructed Carrier
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

STEEL was a small forge constructed carrier, that was able to hold a single heavy vehicle.

The Seven Sages created STEEL in a bold attempt to enter Nebula and salvage a Chaos tank that had survived the destruction of Dark Shadow days earlier.

Though the Sages were able to complete this mission, and retrieved the Chaos Scorpion before Condemnation could, STEEL was shot down by an unknown enitity while attempting to leave Nebula, and crashed landed inside Chaos Occupied Zanzibar.




STEEL Armory

Tank Hanger

Warp Room



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