The Sage Hornet/Falcon Crew serves as the second wing of the Seven Sages, featuring three Sages who usually pilot or ride a Hornet or Falcon during the Moderation War. Featuring 2 pilots along side one passenger, the Hornet/Falcon crew make up entirely of three Sages, Aeons Windspear, StealthStrike280, and PLATNIUMskull90. Despite the Banshee Sages, who are mostly tasked with providing either ground support or escort tactics, the crew of the Hornets/Falcons, provide a different role during the Moderation War, and were mostly known for either ground combat, or infiltration purposes. The Hornet/Falcon crew was also able to survive being shot down twice in the Moderation War, and was able to successfully replace their Hornets/Falcons with others that survived Viral Day, and was not infected by Chaos.

Unfortunately unlike the Four Banshees that were operated by four of the Sages, the Hornet Crew lost 2 Hornets during the Moderation War, but were able to survive each time they were shot down, no Hornet or falcon was ever given to the Sages, due to the most of them getting destroyed during Viral Day, while the Hornet used to chased down Condemnation in the Deep Web was the last one in the existence of Xbox Live before the war's end.

Hornet/Falcon Crew

Aeons Windspear
... Aeons Windspear H2 Appearance
... Tdoggydojo0230o H3 Armor
... PLATINUMSkull90 Halo 3 Armor