Shadow Ocean
Shadow Ocean Emblem
Spawned: January 4th, 2016
Creator: RisingSun90777
Power Size:
  • 20,000 (January to December, 2016)
  • 856,000 (January to May, 2017)
  • 900,000 (June to August, 2017)
  • 900,000 - 20,000 (September to December, 2017)
  • 20,000 - 900 (January, 2018)
  • 900 - 1,000 (January 2018 to May, 2032)
Class: Advanced Military type...
Capital Map: Sandbox
Months Active: January, 2016 - Present
  • Clan later turned facists from blackmail, and technologically advanced
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Shadow Ocean also known as Ocean, The Adversaries, Sharks, or Virtual Krauts was a fictional clan that was created and founded in 2017, during 4 days Post the Moderation War, by RisingSun90777, during the events of the Clan Tournament of 2017, which tragically and decisively turned into a Crisis, during a confrontation in which Shadow Ocean attacked Tanya Bladedancer's clan the Blades of the Phoenix, in retaliation towards RisingSun's learning of Aeons Windspear's darkened past before encountering him in 2014.

Shadow Ocean was at war with eight clans, until December 31st, 2017, when the newly founded White Sky Riders, with the help of Aeons Windspear managed to breach Sandbox, and invade the server, where from there the War ended and RisingSun90777, later found out the truth of the past that Windspear had held back from him for so many years.

Shadow Ocean was spared disbandment, due to Aeons Windspear, but was currently punished to hold a military population of over 1,000 or less. Shadow Ocean following the events of the Clan Crisis were currently under threat of Law suits from multiple clans who fell against them, along with staging a 15 year cold war against the Blades of the Phoenix and The Baniards.

In 2032, Shadow Ocean eventually became a target in a joint operation between the Blades of the Pheonix and Dark Mightus clans resulting into the Second Baniard War by 2032.



Shadow Ocean was founded by RisingSun90777 during the post war years of the Moderation War, on January 4th, 2016. The point of the clan was to train Xbox live players into becoming an elite fighting force, for future tournaments and Xbox Live disasters if a second Moderation war should unfold.

RisingSun however at the time of 2016, the Clan was able to grow out in size with members joining in to the hundreds each month where it was eventually discovered by January 28th, of 2017, that Shadow Ocean eventually had a clan population of nearly almost 856,000 Clan members.

RisingSun90777 during the clan establishment months began to mod weapons and vehicles in order to be used by clan members only and no other Xbox Live player, but on May 28th of 2017, RisingSun eventually became more bolder and while at the same time began to stop talking and interacting with either Aeons Windspear or Tanya Bladedancer, by the end of May, RisingSun90777 eventually fitted the clan's total membership rate to nearly almost a million, as the clan's population doubled to 900,000 by the 2nd of June. He was also able to conduct multiple motications do to his military style like motives and map building skills.

Development of Project Euris

Discovering Mercer4900 & The Baniard

War with the Baniard, 2016

Incident Involving the Deep Web

Gathering Coding & Expansions

Overrunning the Baniard


Blackmailing & End of War

Attack on the Blades of the Phoenix

On June 2nd, of 2017 RisingSun90777 gathered a force of over 4 Wraiths and 50 clan members where with the help of a specially redesigned software were able to spawn themselves from Sandbox all the way to Halo 4's servers where they entered the Phoenix haven (A map on Halo 4's Harvest map) outside the boundaries of the map, located in the canyon section, Using a group of military style codes and a newly developed animation which allows RisingSun90777 in the real world a chance to move his Halo game characters arms in either a pointing or move out type gesture, ordered all four of his snipers to get to the high grounds, and the four Wraiths to enter in a horizontal position just outside the maps cliff boundaries.

After giving the word, all Four Wraiths opened fired on the map killing several Phoenix clan members and sending them into a panic frenzy.

During the barrage, RisingSun90777 then orders all snipers to pick off the targets as they are running to cover in which Teams Pacific (Armed with Beam Rifles) and Atlantic (Armed with Human Sniper Rifles) began to pick off targets along with RisingSun himself.

After firing about 30 shots at the map, along with the Wraiths preventing everyone from getting into cover, RisingSun90777 then orders the team to advance and Invade the map.

With the use of Jet Packs Shadow Ocean launches from the bottom of the cliff and into the Boundaries of the map where they began to Invade and overrun the entire Phoenix Haven section.

Horrified, Tanya Bladedancer who at the time was trying to calm down her new recruits, noticed RisingSun90777 in the background and demanded an explanation onto why he was attacking her clan the Blades of the Phoenix. RisingSun90777's only response was shooting her with his sniper rifle, and eliminating her from her own game.

About 5 minutes in the attack the Wraiths eventually with the help of the same software spawned from the bottom of the canyon inside the map and began to shell the rest of the recruits eventually booting them from the map as well, eventually clearing out the once base map for the Blades of the Phoenix.

Realizing that the map could be attacked at any moment, Shadow Ocean creates defenses and moves their Wraiths back into several defensive positions on the cliffs outside the map boundaries where they waited off for a counter attack, which came about a half hour later, Tanya Bladedancer and the Blades of the Phoenix attempted to try and reclaim their map but the fortifications, plus Wraiths in the background proved to be impossible to conduct the goal. After once again getting thrown off her map, the Blades of the Phoenix dispersed, leaving Shadow Ocean victorious, much to RisingSun90777's disappointment, as he knew that by conducting this attack it would start outrage on the network, but also crush his friendship with Aeons Windspear.

However the sudden attack did worse then what RisingSun90777 had imagined and instead sparked a War on the network between his clan Shadow Ocean, Tanya's clan, the Blades of the Phoenix.

The Clan Crisis

Ocean Blitzkrieg

4 days after the attack on the Phoenix Haven, along side Tanya Bladedancer's shock and horror, the Blades of the Phoenix attempted to play the same game against Shadow Ocean and attack Halo Reach, in Oceanic Industries, where the foundry was destroyed much to the clan's horror.

However, despite the destruction of Oceanic Industries, the moderators of Shadow Ocean were able to successfully develop a specially designed software that would be able to transfer vehicles to other games as far as the newer models such as Halo 5. Despite the angry threatening messages against RisingSun by Tanya Bladedancer, for his aggression against her on Harvest, the blackmailing from the unidentified Xbox Live player continued against him where it was shown proof that the unidentified blackmailer was right in front of Tanya Bladedancer's house, and that if he did not continue to attack her, she would die.

Because of this, Shadow Ocean was forced to activate the Warp Software and enter Halo 5, where they began a massive Blitz across the video game section of Halo 5.

Known as the Ocean Blitzkrieg, Shadow Ocean was able to successfully overrun most of the Blades of the Phoenix servers all around Halo 5 in several maps, including, going as far as to attacking other clans, who were also under threat from the blackmailer. Shadow Ocean was then able to successfully take over 50-68 percent of Halo 5, from just one Month, eventually forcing Tanya Bladedancer and the Blades of Phoenix to despawn their gamer avatars offline, and take refuge in Halo 4.

With Tanya Bladedancer out of the picture, the blackmailing occurring against her was lifted, and RisingSun90777 felt more relieved, but the damage had been done, and it eventually got to the point where 3 clans were now faced off against Shadow Ocean.

Updating of Project Euris

In late July, to mid August, of 2017, the Moderators of Shadow Ocean began to mod newer vehicles and much more powerful guns for the use in the clan's war effort against other clans.

During the development of a special software, known as Euris, a specialized software that was created by Shadow Ocean in 2016, that was used during the First Oceanic Baniard War in 2016. Because of Euris, the old Halo 2, 3, and ODST, Covenant Carbines were upgraded to cause more damage in higher coding servers such as Halo 4, and Halo 5 games, having to replace its old Xbox 360 coding with Xbox One, also production focused on a way to counter Scorpion tanks, as Wraith's often had to be pointed directly at their target before firing, and with that the Super Wraith was constructed.

Having to be modded with a rotating Plasma Mortar, and 4 defense turrets, the Super Wraith became a heavy tank in Shadow Ocean, while the plain regular Wraiths from Halo, 2, 3, and 4, remained the primary medium tanks.

With the use of other softwares and modding abilities, Shadow Ocean was also able to create and mode automatic sentry turrets, which consisted of Incineration cannons and a Halo 2 Era Plasma cannon.

By the opening of September, Shadow Ocean became credited as the most advanced clan in the history of Xbox Live, including with the sheer ability to construct and animate Forge constructed vehicles, something that no one in the history of Xbox Live gaming, would be able to do.

Unfortunately as the war progressed from July to August, Shadow Ocean eventually found out that the Blades of the Phoenix still in Halo 5, in an unknown server with Aeons Windspear's clan the White Sky Riders, where RisingSun panicked for the safety of the future young mother, and in a bold and depressing state Invaded the server, overrunning the White Sky Riders base, and ejected into the Blades of the Phoenix from the server, at this point Tanya Bladedancer having enough of RisingSun and Shadow Ocean's constant cyber attacks against her and her clan, reported him to the Xbox Live network, which unknown to him and Shadow Ocean would open up a new front against Shadow Ocean.

War against the Moderators

On August 28th, 2017 a team of around 5 major league gamers known as Microsoft Squad, armed with the latest state of the art ban equipment, showed up on one of Shadow Ocean's Halo 5 maps, at Empire, where they infiltrated the Shadow Ocean occupied map fragging a total of about 7 clan players during their stealth raid, in an attempt to target RisingSun90777 (Whom was there at the time,).

Stunned by surprise, RisingSun90777 managed to escape the ban attempt, due to a Shadow Ocean sniper giving away the moderator teams position, by shooting out the main leader, which in the end sparked A massive shootout all around Empire.

Though the team of major league gamers were able to stand their ground for about 20 minutes, the Moderators began to face elimination as their ammo was running out, and their position was being overrun, eventually forcing the team to call for help which soon resulted in the elimination of the other four gamers all 5 Xbox Live major league moderator gamers, but a sudden attack by the Xbox Live network consisting of about 45 others, that was meant to reinforce the moderators, eventually resulted in a full blown war for control of Empire.

At first Shadow Ocean was forced back into some of the buildings taking up fortifications against the Xbox Live administrators, but a sudden counterattack concerning a Super Wraith and a bombardment of missiles fired from the 197, from Halo 2's map AWASH would turn the tide of the war on Empire.

With more Wraith's showing up from Halo's Reach and 4, Moderators were eventually forced out of Empire, where a new software was uploaded against the Moderators eliminating their ability to escape Empire, while another further mimicked the ban system, and with that all 20 surviving moderators were shot and thrown out of Xbox Live.

This one shocking Battle would go world wide all over the news striking shock and horror amongst Xbox Live gamers, including Tanya Bladedancer, Aeons Windspear, and even PlayStation and Wii Gamers, where it became obvious that Shadow OCean was so far ahead of technology modding in the Halo games, that they could even withstand attacks from Administrators.

War against other Clans

Attack against Tyreena
Occupation of Plaza
Battles against Athena

Establishment of Fortifications

Attempts to Keep the Phoenix out

The Halo Reach Theater

War with the Sky Riders

Assault on Fort Ever Vigilant
Attempts on Collapsing the WSR
Thefts conducted by the WSR
Invasion of Forge Island
Losing Control of the Skies

The Barren Campaign

Second Halo 5 Campaign

Shadow Ocean Weakens

Final Months

War Comes to Shadow Ocean
Halo 3 ODST Campaign
The Final Front

Post Crisis

Wide Critisim

Cold War with Clan Dark Mightus

Cold War with the Phoenix

Facing Disbandment

Moonwalker Incident

Noble Units

The military of Shadow Ocean, possessed state of the art redeveloped scout based armors for Spartans, with an Oceanic midsection appearance. With the effects of the software that was designed by one of RisingSun90777's moderator hackers in the clan, Shadow Ocean was able to easily design their own military spartan appearance in their own actual image, revealing that Euris, was not only used for Shadow Ocean's transfer of guns and vehicles to other games, but also contained the ability to create Spartan armor appearances, where Halo franchise games could no longer accomplish.

The main armor color for Shadow Ocean, is midnight blue secondary and ice Blue for grunts, while the leaders often use dark blue primary, and Midnight ice secondary.

Atlantic Battalion

Pacific Battalion

Whirlpool Corps

Oberson Legion

Barren Corps

Wave Battalion


At the early stages of Shadow Ocean's founding in the early January of 2016, the clan's equipment composed of mainly covenant vehicles and guns, but also posses two firearms that are no longer of Covenant origin, one being the Human sniper rifle, and the other being the Incineration Cannon that is used by Promethean Knights in both the Halo 4 and Halo 5 campaigns.

Armor locks of Shadow Ocean, mostly composed of mainly two abilities, the first and primary one being Active camo, and the second one being a jet pack for maneuvering up to hard to reach places during training or typical raid purposes.

Fire Arms

Storm Rifle
A plasma base rifle and standard issue fire arm for Shadow Ocean, the Storm rifle was RisingSun90777's main choice for infantry fire arm for his clan, as according to him, these rifles were able to successfully not only disable shields but also kill Spartans at a faster pace then that of the assault rifle.

The Storm Rifle is the primary Assault Rifle for Shadow Ocean, and is also known to have been 30 times more powerful then the actual video game coded version of the rifle, thanks to the software of project Euris, where it was declared that the plasma bolts could shoot through cover, walls and any other obstacles, making these weapons one of the most feared guns in the early months of the Clan Crisis...

H4 stormrifle trans
The Mauler is the standard issue Shotgun of Shadow Ocean, and is mostly used by higher ranking players of the clan, while at the same time being also used by the Clan's major front line fighting players.

The mauler was chosen by RisingSun90777 as the primary shotgun, due to his liking of the Mauler, more then the human shotgun. This gun was well increased in damage, due to Project Euris, where the shells fired from the Mauler would be strong enough to pierce through a wall with see through holes, these shotguns despite their small size were most feared in the Halo 5 Theater in the Clan Crisis...

Sniper Rifle
Previously used by RisingSun90777 in the Moderation War, since Viral Day, in 2015, the Human Sniper Rifle was the standard issue sniper rifle for Shadow Ocean, and is used by most players who that of long range specialists. Each rifle in Shadow Ocean is a normal Halo based game development copy except for RisingSun's sniper rifle, which he had since the Pre Moderation War Era.

With the development, of Euris Software, this sniper rifle was able to spawn in, on every Halo game as one model, and not the actual game modle, the software was able to make the rifle strong enough to graze through a single tank and kill anyone inside in a single hit, most of these rifles were confiscated by the Blades of the Phoenix, White Sky Riders and Xbox Live resistance cells during the Clan Crisis...

Reach MPBeta Sniper2
Plasma Rifle
Used similar to a sub-machine gun, the Plasma Rifle, was identified as Shadow Ocean's main side arm weapon close to the Plasma Pistol, having the same range and accuracy as that of a machine gun, and assault rifle, the Plasma Rifle was used by lower ranking players of Shadow Ocean for front line warfare, and guarding base purposes.

The Rifle, after its upgration in July of 2017 from Project Euris, became more faster and 10 times deadlier then any other Plasma rifle game coded ordinance in the Halo Franchise, most of these rifles were often captured by Xbox Live resistnace cells, and used against their own creators during the Clan Crisis, and were also a great asset to the thw White Shy Rider's project Waterspout...

Halo Reach-Plasma Rifle
Plasma Pistol
A main side arm for Shadow Ocean, the Plasma pistol possess super charge bolts of plasma, that can be powerful enough to disable any vehicle that comes into contact with the shot, chosen by RisingSun90777 as the clans primary pistol and side arm, the Plasma Pistol was the main key to Shadow Ocean's few victory's during the Clan Crisis of 2017.

The pistol was upgraded into a strong piercing Plasma based weapon after Project Euris, was able to give the Plasma pistol enough firepower to kill a single Xbox Live player in one shot...

H2A Render CampaignPlasmaPistol
Fuel Rod Cannon
A 5 shot plasma projectile based launcher, commoly used throughout the Halo franchise, the Fuel Rod cannon is the standard issue anti-tank projectile of Shadow Ocean, having to be used by all clan members including higher ranking.

The cannon's rate of fire moves into an arc position, revealing that the cannon is not as accurate as the Incineration Cannon.

Due to upgradation from Project Euris, the Fuel Rod Cannon, was able to cause far more damage, then its actual video game coded counter part, and was actually able to contain a blast radius of about almost 20 yards...

Beam Rifle
A secondary sniper rifle used by Shadow Ocean, the Beam Rifle was chosen by RisingSun90777 due to its powerful plasma based strength, despite being a covenant based sniper rifle, the Beam Rifle is used by lower rank players of Shadow Ocean, and contains difficulty firing continuous blasts of plasma fire, by overheating.

Its redevelopment in Project Euris, allowed the Beam Rifle to become far more accurate, without over heating and could also kill any Xbox Live Player in one shot, whether behind a wall or not, the rifle was also able to obtain a thermal scope which allowed Shadow Ocean members of Team Pacific to easily find snipers of other clans, and easily pick them off without much of a challenge, these rifles were immediately eliminated from existence following the end of the Crisis on January 1st, 2018...

Halo Beam Rifle
H-2 Carbine
The main Carbine from the Halo 2 gameplay verse, the H-2 Carbine was used the most in guarded situations such as guarding servers or, patrolling, around Halo 4 to 5 based servers. Not much of these carbines were used in frontline warfare unlike the H3 Carbine... H2 CovenantCarbine
H-3 Carbine
Like the Sniper Rifle that was used during the months of the Moderation War Era, the Covenant Carbine was used by RisingSun90777 as his primary rifle, despite some maps where the weapon was forced to be changed into something else, the Covenant Carbine became the main medium strength gun in Shadow Ocean, however with the use of special software, Shadow Ocean was able to spawn in these old Model Carbines as far as Halo 5, and were able to operate them on Game Engiens beyond their coding, however they were known to be weaker in more advanced video games then they were in their home server of Halo's 3 and ODST... H3-CovenantCarbine-AngleSide
H-4 Carbine
The Halo 4 Covenant Carbine... Type-51 Carbine (HA)
H-5 Carbine
... H5G Render Carbine
Concussion Rifle
Known by most clans as the Ground Pounder, the Concussion Rifle serves as Shadow Ocean's main grenade launcher, with its arcing ability and rapid speed of fire, the Rifle was commonly used in order to provided field artillery if Wraiths could no longer enter a map section, Although not as accurate then its normal video game counter parts, Shadow Ocean's Concussion Rifle is said to have been able to have linger range, and bigger blast radius during Impact.

Known by Project Euris, as the Storm Pounder, the Concussion Rifle's redevelopment, was designed to cause bigger damage when its Plasma shells would strike a random target, while at the same time containing a blast radious strong enough to kill any Xbox Live player that is either too close or within range of the Plasma Shells...

H4 concussion trans
Focus Rifle
A rifle with the power to shoot a focus stream of plasma, the Focus rifle is the secondary Medium rifle of Shadow Ocean, having to have been used by RisingSun90777 most of the time while Playing Halo Reach, the focus rifle is used mostly by players who have no interest in using the Carbine.

Being one of the first rifles to be spawneded into Halo 4 in the early years of Project Euris in 2017, the Focus Rifle was redeveloped into firing a more powerful stream of lasers, that could melt through anything it touches and even become more powerful then the Spartan Laser, its original energy streak was recolored dark midnight blue instead of its original yellow color...

Focus Rifle Cropped
Plasma Repeater
Used as an assault rifle, the Plasma Repeater possess the same cannon fire and damage rate as that of the Storm Rifle, and was chosen by RisingSun90777 to be used by higher ranking clan members of Shadow Ocean, for guard or raiding purposes, while the Storm Rifle was used for frontal warfare attacks in the Clan Crisis.

After its redevelopment from Project Euris, the Plasma Repeater was able to fire more damaging plasma energy bolts then that of its video game counter part, which allowed the rifle to completely kill any Xbox Live player in one shot, marking this rifle one of the key assets to the XBox Live resistance during both the Halo 5 and Reach theaters in the Clan Crisis...

Plasma Repeater
Atlantic Pulse Rifle
... Atlantic Pulse Rifle 1
Incineration Cannon
Having to have been a favored anti-tank launcher of RisingSun90777 during Halo 4 matchmaking games and used twice in the Moderation War, the Incineration cannon of Halo 4's origin was used as the secondary anti tank unit in Shadow Ocean. Although firing one shot at a time, its shot gun like explosive rounds are devastating enough to destroy anything in one shot.

Project Euris, allowed the Halo 4 Incineration Cannon to cause more damage, amd more punching power then its original 343 Industrial code counterpart, instead of firing red bolts of energy, the Shadow Ocean Incineration Cannon, was colored dark blue with liquid energy fumes when fired, that caused a tremendous explosion once it strikes its target...

H4 incineration trans
Plasma Cannon
Having to have been a well balanced plasma based machine turret, the Plasma Cannon served as one of RisingSun90777's most favorable guns of the Halo games, having to have a great range and speed rate of fire, the Plasma Cannon was chosen by RisingSun, to act on front line warfare, in order to defend Shadow Ocean occupied servers against counter attacks. Unlike its normal video game predecessor, the Shadow Ocean plasma cannon can be deployed to the front with the use of special software, without the use of Forge spawning.

Thanks to Project Euris, the Plasma Cannon was able to contain a fast firing rate of about 1,200 plasma bolts/min. marking this the fastest detachable turret in the histor of Xbox Live, and video gaming...

H4 Shadow Ocean Plasma Cannon
Halo 2 Plasma Cannon
The Plasma Cannon of Halo 2, despite not being that much of a favorite was chosen by RisingSun90777 in order to act as a special fortification machine gun like turret for both Front line and defensive warfare, however unlike the original Plasma cannon, the Halo 2 Plasma Cannon is mostly used in order to defend Shadow Ocean key structures, such as airfields, code refineries, and communication arrays around the Halo Franchise.

The primary Halo 2 Plasma Cannon, was redeveloped thanks to Project Euris, and was upgraded to maximum damage and fired with a rate of over 800–900 plasma bolts/per minute...

H2 Shadow Ocean Turret
... PL-82
Ocaria Launcher
... Ocaria Launcher
Focus Type 2 Rifle
... [[File:|200px]]
Plasma SMG
... Plasma SMG
Aquatic Pistol
... Aquatic Pistol
... OR-91
... [[File:|200px]]
Pacific H2-Blaster
... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
... WAR-94r Rifle
Wave Crusher Rifle
... Wave Crusher Rifle
Tidal Cannon
... Tidal Cannon
... H4 needler trans
... [[File:|200px]]
... Rar-81
R-1 Carbine
... R-1 Carbine


The Vehicles that are used by Shadow Ocean, were known to be produced and stored inside Halo Reach's Forge world, at Oceanic Industries, which was designed to represent a factory for Covenant based vehicles.

The land based vehicles for the Clan's major ground units, that are mostly used for either Raids or simple custom gaming events, are known to be of 3 basic land vehicles, the Wraith, Ghost, and the Revenant. The wraith was chosen to be the clans official battle tank due to its speed and mobility, while the Ghost was chosen to be used as a scout vehicle for clan members.

Despite being used for scouting purposes, Shadow Ocean also uses ghosts for front line engagements as well as Raids, against opposing clans. The Revenant was mostly used for patrolling purposes, while Clan Members are sent out to patrol or defend a certain structure that is known to be either property of Shadow Ocean, or a very important post which needs to be defended. Revenants take over the side of the Wraiths, if Wraith tanks cannot enter the map, due to either terrain or size.

Unlike the land based vehicles for the clans Ground units, Shadow Ocean's air force composes of Banshee's along side RisingSun90777's own banshee, that he had used since the Moderation war 2 years earlier in 2015.

Known as the main Battle tank of Shadow Ocean, the Wraith was designed to be a plasma based mortar artillery tank, with the ability to both however and maneuver faster then UNSC Scorpion, tanks. Chosen by RisingSun90777 after his own Wraith, following the Moderation War, with Chaos, the tank became Shadow Ocean's primary heavy armored unit in the clan's arsenal.

Despite Its major advancements, such as speed and mobility the Wraith sustains weaknesses in both the Rear and cockpit portions of the tank, along with a non rotating turret, and is known to even be too wide to fit through the tightest of spaces, that even a Scorpion could maneuver across...

H4 Wraith
Ark Storm
The Ark Storm, commonly referred to as the traditional Anti Air Wraith of Halo 3, was developed and designated by Shadow Ocean in order to play as a playable vehicle, unlike Halo 3, the Anti Air Wraith's were never playable, and most of the times had to be destroyed as part of the campaign.

Similar to its ground attack counter part, the Anti Air Wraith was used in order to provide ground protection against air borne targets, these Wraith's were often used in all fronts from defense to Offense type strategies, although similar to the Normal Wraith, the Anti Air Wraith contains more fire power and was also used against anti vehicle targets as well such as Scorpions or Mantis, on Halos 4 and 5, the Anti Air Wraith eventually met its matched by October 23rd, 2017 when the newly developed Forerunner playable ship the Phaeton made its entry into the war from the White Sky Riders in Halo 5 during the Battle of Overlook...

Hell Corus
The Halo 2 Wraith commonly referred by RisingSun90777 as Hell Corus, was a preferred Medium type Battle tank used in order to fight along side the standard issue Wraith,s the main point on adding these Wraiths to Shadow Ocean was mostly do to the protection of the turret Operators who will be able to fire in 2 different direction against enemy threats, these Wraiths just like the Ark Storm and Standard Issue Wraiths were all developed by the same special software in which allows these vehicles to enter other Halo Game base servers, event if it is as advanced as Halo 5, Unlike the normal Wraith's Hell Corus, were mostly known to stage full head Blitz attacks against small Clan servers, while the Normal Wraiths were used against larger servers... H2 Wraith In
The Banshee, having to have been used by RisingSun90777 ever since he started playing Halo, up to the Moderation War Era, was the main air power of Shadow Ocean, while at the same time it was also rigged with more powerful Plasma Cannons and Fuel Rod shells.

The Banshee makes up the Air force of Shadow Ocean, as they were immediately able to attack anything on either the ground or in the air during the early months of the Clan Crisis, however the tide turned against Banshees after the development of both Phoenix and Night Riders...

H4-T26 Banshee
... OR-87
Wave Craft
... Wave Craft
Hydro Lander
... Hydro Lander
Wraith Transport
... OR-91 Transport Wraith
Hydro Craft
... Hydro Craft
A small transport vehicle, commonly originated from Halo Reach, the Revenant was chosen to serve as the main fast vehicle of Shadow Ocean, close to the Ghost, despite not being as powerful as that of the Wraith, the Revenant was shown to be faster and much more maneuverable that any heat seeking rocket or anti vehicle wielding player would have strong difficulty in targeting.

Although a vehicle that appeared only in Halo Reach, the Revenant was able to enter other game servers such as Halo 5, with the help of a computer program called Ironix...

Used as scouts, the Ghosts were chosen by RisingSun90777 in order to recon and mop up retreating Rival clans.

In the early to mid stages of the Clan Crisis, Shadow Ocean mostly relied on the old Model ghosts of the previous Halo Games, before switching over to Halo 5's Model in October of 2017, despite the change, the Old Models from halo's 3-4 were still used event towards the end of the Clan Crisis.

Despite having to be a vehicle designed for scouting, the Ghost also was sent out to fight for front line purposes, the Ghosts were another one of RisingSun's favorite vehicles in which inspired him to make it one of the Clan's own. Despite its speed and mobility, the Ghost is fairly week, and can be destroyed if hit at the right spot...

A prototype vehicle modded and developed in the mid stages of the Clan Crisis by Shadow Ocean, which was given the green light by RisingSun90777, the Orbital Star Stryker, possesses powerful plasma cannons and an unlimited supply of heat seeking Fuel Rod rounds, having to be built by Shadow Ocean in retaliation to the Phoenix Gunship, the OSS, became the first known Banshee in the history of video game history, to eliminate a Non Halo vehicle, and at the same time destroy a Goliath, a giant programmed mechanized walking Battleship, programmed by the White Sky Riders, after the War, the OSS was eliminated from history, along with the rest of Shadow Ocean... Orbital Star Stryker
Inspired by the creation of Ice Breaker, during the Moderation War Era, RisingSun90777, decided to forge construct his own personal submarine carrier for Shadow Ocean, in early 2017, where with the use of a special software, the ship was forge constructed, commissioned by Shadow Ocean Naval executive Larsarmstrong1889, and was launched into the Sea at Order Island.

Despite being its own personal submarine, 5 of these ships including U-887, U-981, U-987, U-891 U-098, and U-766, were constructed in order to strengthen the naval fleet of Shadow Ocean.

The vessels were mostly constructed from the remains of Ice Breaker, as U-197, was made and constructed by the remains of Ice Breaker, that was salvaged in the Oceanic Network in the summer of 2016...

Super Wraith
A specially developed Wraith, by Shadow Ocean, the Super Wraith, obtains a different model and desire, unlike the normal model Wraith's in which the player would have to point the tank in the direction of its target, the Super Wraith, was modded with a specially designed software, in which allows its Turret to rotate, and be used by another player. Armed with 2 Plasma cannons in the front, the Super Wraith, requires up to 4 players to operate, 2 to control the Plasma cannons, one to pilot the tank, and another, to operate the plasma mortar turret.

Despite its large size, the Super Wraith, moves about the same speed as a normal Wraith, but lacks boosts due to not having to the events of the Reaves attack by Blades of the Phoenix, in July of 2017, after the war and fall of Shadow Ocean, the Super Wraith garrison was reduced to 2 surviving tanks out of 200, developed models, it is unclear what happened to the surviving Super Wraiths after the Clan Crisis came to an end...

Super Wraith
Dual Wraith
... Duel Wraith
Phantom Gunship
... H2-PhantomDropship
Phantom Dropship
... H2A Render Phantom
Reach Gunship
... HReach-PhantomGunboatSide-transparent
... Hurious Tank Destroyer
... Sword Wraith
... Aquatic Bomber
... The Kraken
... Wraith Destroyer


  • Shadow Ocean was the first clan, to be developed by RisingSun90777 in the opening of 2016...
  • Shadow Ocean, was best known as the first Clan in the history of Machinima making to represent the Element of Water, due to its name and team sections representing that of an Ocean...
  • Despite being a normal Xbox Live Clan, Shadow Ocean, posses all Covenant Armaments, except for an Incineration Cannon and Human Sniper rifle which it posses in its arsenal...
  • In July 1st, the Shadow Ocean Clan, encountered the Tiger's Talons in Halo 4's Ragnarok map, it is unclear on why RisingSun attacked the Talon's as it was stated by Windspear that two of the girls were looking to apologize for their actions, but the sudden war eliminated that one chance...
    • It may have been assumed that RisingSun90777 developed a strong hatred of the Talon's during the years for their acts against Tanya Bladedancer, and attacked them just to drive them off the network, however there was never evidence towards this brutal act against the Talons...
    • A second theory was initialized in November of 2017, where it was theorized that RisingSun may have been black mailed into attacking the Talon's due to their safety in the Real world similar to that of Tanya Bladedancer, but lack of evidence leaves the whereabouts of the Ragnarock Massacre unclear...
  • It was discovered in October 2017, by most Northern Xbox Live, players that Shadow Ocean appeared to have been the Xbox Live counterpart of the CSA, though this was never proven...
    • However other players believe that Shadow Ocean also may bear a strong resemblance to Nazi Germany as well, due to the advancement of technologies and Modding software, although this was not proven either...
  • Shadow Ocean was the only clan established by RisingSun90777...
  • The Clan at the time of 2017, was estimated to have had over 40,000 members at the time, the cause of how Shadow Ocean received so many players is unknown...
  • Shadow Ocean, was known to have been well balanced with technology at the time before the White Sky Riders entered the Clan Crisis, and at the time was ahead of all other clans, due to the fact of the clan being armed with most of the older Covenant models of vehicles dating from Halo 2 up to Halo 4...
  • During the events of the Clan Crisis, and even prior to the disaster in 2016, Shadow Ocean never once used the newest Halo vehicles of Halo 5, accept for the Ghost, the cause of this was never known, but it is most likely that RisingSun90777 may have never bothered with the game at the time, as it was proven during the Battle of the Glaciers when he first encounter a Halo 5 Wraith, in which his old Wraith's were shown to be a lot slower then the H5 Wraith used by the White Sky Riders...
  • Shadow Ocean is a parody to a real life clan known as the Oceans of Fury, a real life clan that was created in 2016 by RisingSun90777...