Strike on Ragnarok
Date: July 1st, 2017
Conflict: Clan Crisis
Status: Ocean Victory...
  • Tiger's Talons, become more hostile...
  • RisingSun90777 becomes hated...
  • Tanya and Windspear, horrified about the attack...
Server: Ragnarok
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Strike on Ragnarok commonly known as The Ragnarok Massacre was disastrous event that occurred in the early months of the Clan Crisis that took place on Halo 4's Ragnarok map on July 1st 2017, when RisingSun90777 and Shadow Ocean invaded the server and slaughtered all players who were friends with the Tiger's Talons, who ironically had just returned back online 20 minutes earlier.

This one massacre like event brought shock to the world of Xbox Live, mostly to Tanya Bladedancer, and the formal Six Sages, who were watching with horror on the news. The Ragnarok attack only added more fuel to TigerLily819's anger, and hatred against RisingSun90777, from when immediately after this attack she and the Tiger's Talons cry for war against Shadow Ocean, vowing to not only kill him on Xbox Live, but also find him in reality and slit his throat.


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