Team Blue was of the organized competitive teams in the Landfall Event, that was composed of 6 players, including 3 of them being RisingSun90777, PLATNIUMskull90, Aeons Windspear, and STLproud2serve7.

The team came out victorious at the end of the Landfall event against Red Team, and were declared veterans to the Xbox Live Matchmaking championship, while at the same time ranked up 2 times as much as any normal Matchmaking game in the history of Xbox Live.

Team Countdown

Team Leader of the Team, received 20 kills... [[File:|200px]]
Close range specialist of the team, received 19 kills... [[File:|200px]]
Sniper of the Team, received 18 kills... [[File:|200px]]
Aeons Windspear
Assault trooper of the Team, received 17 kills... [[File:|200px]]
Stealth Specialist of the Team, received 19 kills... [[File:|200px]]
Swordsmen of the Team, received 18 kills... [[File:|200px]]


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