Condemned, as a Spartan during the Moderation War in Early December 2015...

The Condemned, previously known as Condemnation in 2014, was a Super Computer active Virus that was created as an Artificial Intelligence being as part of Project Condemnation from Meirimar Industries in the year 2014, before the AI went rogue and was scrapped after the Incident of 2014, where he was eventually turned into a super virus from the coding of the Dark Web.

Condemned is best known to be responsible for the birth of Chaos and the Moderation War which left millions of players world wide including that of the Microsoft Moderators dropped from the Xbox Live Network server with the help of its main army that was specifically code-named Chaos.

Condemned is known as the main Antagonist of the Machinima Virtual Conflict: Rise of Chaos. He became known as the one virus who was credited and known for being responsible for both the creation and directing Chaos.

As a leader he directed and led Chaos AI's all around the Xbox Live Server, even with the ability to spawn vehicles into Servers that are not large enough to require them, and permanently lock a Player outside of the Network, where afterwards the Virus would create a firewall that is so strong that not even Bungie, 343 Industries or Microsoft could port around it, Many players who bought new boxes were affected by this firewall which easily spread through the Network cable preventing anyone from retuning to the Network, even after buying new boxes and Network cables costing players and the Moderations millions of dollars a day.



Created by Meirimar Industries, Condemned was developed as an artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and was declared to be the first of his kind. Previously known as Condemnation at the time of its creation in 2014, the A.I. acquired more knowledge then any other high ranking military official, much to the delight of the United States military, and was previously going to be set to be the worlds first artificial intelligence general to lead a portion of the United States military.

However an incident concerning Condemnation's ruthless programming occurred in Washington on April 22nd 2014, which eventually led to the downfall of the Condemnation project and the abandonment of the program.

Despite the closure of Project Condemnation, the A.I. was never deleted, and was instead left trapped inside the Dark Network, where it developed a mind of its own, eventually growing into a lethal, sentient supervirus by 2015, where it declared itself the Condemned Virus.

Spreading & Shadow Network Incident

By 2015, the Virus had managed to grow out of control, taking over multiple servers of the Dark Network, destroying any illegal website that it once possessed, and instead terraformed the website into a data stream of coding, which would act as further fuel for a future army, that would be deployed against the Network, and then against Reality.

After gathering enough data, Condemned discovered the Network of gaming, and took over a single Xbox Live Server known as Halo 4's Multiplayer map SHATTER, where he had spawned about 4 unknown Blackened A.I's which massacred about 12 players who were matchmaking during the event, and completely erased their profiles and gamer scores from the server; this event would later elevate to the Shadow Network Incident a day later.

During the outcorse of the Incident, the Unknown A.I's under the orders of Condemned, had spread out the data streams from the Dark Network, all over SHATTER, and even went as far as VERTIGO, and COMPLEX, where another massacre of Xbox Live Players occurred, and was forced from the Network.

Hours during the wake, Bungie and Microsoft sent a small group of four players, whom created their own clan in 2013, naming it FoxTrot. These who were believed to be major league Gamers, and were well chosen in order to bring an end to the incident by Microsoft themselves.

Condemned, who had by now grown into the Servers of the Infected Halo 4 Maps, also knew of FoxTrot's presence and decided to send a small group of A.I's to eliminate the four players at Complex, but the four players proved a match against the Darken A.I's and escaped the trap.

Though Condemned had been unable to stop FoxTrot at Complex, they had eventually learned about the growing of a virus in the first infected server, and continued to move against the rest of the infected servers in search of more answers. This would only annoy Condemned, to the point where he eventually tricked the team into arriving at SHATTER, where FoxTrot would accidently release him from the servers and allow Condemned to roam free as an A.I Spartan, he at one point had managed to trap FoxTrot by Grid, and escape SHATTER, just before the team could catch him.

As fast as they could, FoxTrot sent a message to Microsoft warning about the Initial Virus, but Condemnation prevented the server from sending the message through the network, and instead replaced the message with a small army of about 10 Four Horseman A.I's (the then unknown A.I's who attacked and took over the Servers days ago).

Though surprised and outnumbered, FoxTrot had managed to successfully repel the attack, where TechBoy181 had at the same time had managed to track Condemned's Data Trail, in an instant the four Xbox Live Players Spawned out of the Server following Condemned's data trail which lead them to Halo 4's Multiplayer map OUTCAST.

As the four Gamers had entered the Map in search for Condemned, FoxTrot received a surprise only to see Condemnation stand outside the map and out of their reach, Torquiset118, in an attempt to stop the virus fires four rounds, but Condemned tricks FoxTrot where it was revealed that Torquiest had shot an A.I Duplicate of him.

FoxTrot is later attacked from all sides of the map and is tragically overrun, to the point that their bodies fall one by one towards the bottom of the Cliff, and out of the map.

Viral Day

Following the successful Fragging of FoxTrot at OUTCAST, Condemned's work had been completed, as he had managed to create vast armies of black, grey and red Spartans, that was eventually known as Chaos, during the dark days of the Server, and began a full scale Blitz of the entire Halo Network of Xbox Live, this result left millions of players including the young and innocent being fragged from the Server, during this event Condemnation decided to retire his spartan form and once again make himself one as the Data stream in order to coordinate his armies better as if it were an RTS type game.

Despite Bungie and 343's best efforts at trying to contain Condemned's invasion, both companies failed miserably, to the point that they had to remove players forcefully from the server, by the Microsoft office in order to protect gamers world wide from losing their progress and hard work during their time on the Xbox Live server.

As the Xbox Live Network collapsed in just about 21 hours, Condemned just looked with a smirk on his face as if he couldn't be even more impressed on the size and in destructive power of his army of Chaos A.I's, during his amusement, Condemned eventually created a large fire wall which prevented any Xbox Live Player from returning to the server, this would eventually force 78 percent of gamers around the world to riot and lose all of their money to the virus' cruel antics.

As the firewall progressed in Chaos's favor, Condemned could only now hunt down the rest of the Xbox Live Players on the Halo Server and remove them in order to turn the entire Xbox Live Network into his own personal fortress and main foot hold for his latest project on spawning an entire army into the real world.

Players who had survived the massive blitz were quickly hunted down by Chaos Kill squads, and were removed from the server, Moderators during this attempt tried to attack the newly constructed Chaos Island in order to draw Condemned's vision away from other players, but this event failed due to strong defenses and lack of air power.

By the end of October 4th, of 2015, Condemned had managed to locate the safe Haven of Camp Snow, where Chaos attacked and fragged all players from both there and Assembly, permanently removing almost all players (Except 7) from Halo 3.

Condemned then located Bungie and 343 Industries main server and took control of it, eliminating the rest of Xbox Live's Moderators from the Network.

Condemned then locked down the server tightly which prevented Xbox Live Administrators from returning, and after many failed attempts it officially became a top priority to eliminate Condemned by shutting down the Xbox Live Network, before the virus could spread anywhere else, however this goal was never met as Microsoft was contacted by a lone player who was still on the server with 6 others, and begged the company for at least one chance to redeem the Network's condition by facing off against Chaos themselves at StandOff, though Microsoft was reluctant at first, Bungie persuaded Microsoft to perspone the shutdown of Xbox Live in order to give these seven players a chance.

However Condemned, who was also listening, by the Network's line of communication, just smirked and ordered JargonNation2988, to lead an army of Chaos to StandOff in order to crush the seven remaining Players that were left on the server, unknown to the virus, that these Seven Players would be the main downfall of both Condemned and Chaos in the future.

Moderation War

The attack on StandOff was conducted as planned, and a massive battle against the Seven remaining Xbox Live players ensured, with each side wrestling one another for control of the map. During this engagement Condemned was just watching from the Dark Network on one of the coding screens, but was shocked and reluctant when he had witnessed that JargonNation2988 gotten killed by Aeons Windspear, during the battle and the beating back of Chaos' third wave on the map.

Enraged as he saw the Seven Players spawn outside the map and Attack the Chaos Army right on the other side of the river and fighting their way up towards the hill where the three antennas are, Condemned activated a special type of coding from the Dark Network sending it straight for the Xbox Live Network in order to set up a trap for all seven players, to Despawn them from the Battle and be fragged at the same time. However, the trap only managed to catch Aeons Windspear, while the others were closing in on the three antennas, but shockingly this would not delete or frag him from the server.

This event didn't work on all players as the remaining Seven, had managed to gain the top of the hill and destroy an entire Chaos Army.

Enraged at his own army losing, Condemned then locked down the server of StandOff in hopes of trapping the seven players inside, but the Seven unidentified players had eventually de-spawned by the time the firewall could take an effect, with Windspear being trapped in various Chaos-occupied servers, separated from the others.

For several hours, these players eventually now known as the Seven Sages, began their own guerilla war against Condemned and his Chaos Army, despite such multiple setbacks, Condemnation remained calm and confident knowing that the lone players of Xbox Live were only delaying the inevitable and will be defeated soon enough.

During the early hours of the war, the temporary Six Sages, staged several attacks against Chaos occupied Servers throughout Halo 3, including Citadel, Cold Storage, Isolation and even Narrows.

The Battle took a bad turn, when Condemned's Assembly Forge Map was attacked and all Chaos was eradicated from the Server, but despite this major blow to Chaos's Halo 3 Occupational force, Condemned had managed to discover the location of the main lair of the Seven Sages, and sent an Invasion force against Sandbox, however during the Attack on Sandbox, Aeons Windspear who separated from the Sages during the Battle of StandOff, eventually returned and aided in the escape, which allowed the Seven Sages to escape Sandbox before it could be locked down by the Firewall.

After crushing Sandbox, the Seven Players, with Windspear appearing out of nowhere just in time to help, had still managed to escape. But Condemned had quickly alerted the Halo Reach Occupational force to shoot down the Seven Players as they entered Forge World, though his plan partially succeeded, as the seven players had once again managed to escape the wrath of Condemned, and return back to Halo 3's Server where they took refuge at Epitaph.

Despite the getaway, Condemned had quickly locked down all other Halo Servers, but by this time it would be too late to save one of Chaos's leaders from death, as a vengeful Seven Sages attacked Chaos Occupied HIGH GROUND and literally destroyed Viral Fortress while at the same time terminating leader of the Halo 3 Chaos Occupation forces, this sudden change of events would shock Condemnation, and with that he attempted to Invade the Seven Sages at HIGH GROUND, but the attempt backfired as the Seven Sages de-spawned before his counter attack arrived.

Hours after, the Seven Sages soon attacked the Formal 343 and Bungie moderator server and claimed it back, temporarily lifting the Viral ban firewall from Halo Reach, while at the same time destroying Forge Fortress at Forge World (The main fort which shot the Seven Sage Hornet down, during their Evacuation from Sandbox).

These sudden change of events, along with the loss of 3 of Chaos's most elite leaders began horrifying Condemnation as Xbox Live Moderators eventually returned to the Spire and permanently created an anti virus preventing the Chaos Firewall from resealing itself. In a desperate attempt Condemned launched most of Halo Reach's occupational army against the spire in order to try and reclaim it, but this time the Moderators were able to hold their ground.

As Chaos is forced to play a defensive war, Condemned orders as much data as possible to be pulled from IMPACT Fortress back to Sandbox where he could begin the uploading of his future Chaos Invasion of the Real World, but his army is stopped once again by the Seven Sages in the ruins of Sandbox, and the data link containing the reality spawn software is destroyed further eliminating Condemnation's only chance of Invading the real world.

Condemned despite this dreadful defeat had managed to discover the Seven Sage's new base of Operations at Epitaph where he eventually thwarted any other future Seven Sage victory by attacking Epitaph Tower with an army of over 40 A.I's 3 Hornets, and 5 Scorpions from down below in the deserts below the map.

Seven Sages however were once again able to escape into the Halo Wars RTS strategy game, (Which unknown to them was Chaos's most heavily fortified and largest occupied Server on the Network) but were later trapped by Condemned. The Seven sages later found themselves fighting off against vast armies of Chaos.

As the Seven Sages fought for survival in Halo Wars, Condemned began to focus most of his forces on the repelling of Xbox Live players and moderators who had surprisingly began to return to the Xbox Live server, but Condemned's plan on finally eliminating the Seven Sages, was annihilated, as the Counter Attack occurred right in Halo Wars, where the Seven Sages were able to escape not long after, and hide away in Halo 2 Anniversary., would be force to abandon Halo 3 completely, and escape to Halo 2 Anniversary, where they made their new base of Operations on Order Island.

Despite Condemned's war against the Seven Sages taking a sort turn, the Situation on Halo Reach's servers eventually was overrun by Xbox Live Moderators and Players, eventually forcing Condemnation to focus on his defense of the rest of the Halo games still under his occupation, unfortunately for Condemned, the Seven Sages would strike again, this time at both Storm Island, and at Region, where this time they began targeting and destroying his data streams that were being transported by Warthogs.

This event would eventually severely damage Condemned's strength to the point that he began to lose the ability of nearly almost every single Chaos Army in Xbox Live.

As the war turned against Chaos, Halo 2 Anniversary was eventually overrun by both the Seven Sages and Xbox Live Players, eventually forcing Chaos to panic and run back to Halo 4's server. At the time, Condemned then summoned the use of Ice Breaker, in order to commence teh great Code Bombardment against Xbox Live, this plan later back fired when the Seven Sages attacked and took over the Chaos Submarine, eventually enraging Condemned, to the point that he unleashed the Dark Kraken against the ship. The Dark Kraken proved to be powerless as well, and was defeated by the Seven Sages with the help of Ice Breaker.

With the loss of Ice Breaker, and the Kraken, Condemned's counter attack against the Xbox Live map servers faltered, and he instead devised a defensive strategy in hopes of holding out long enough for him to gather what data he has left in order to spawn a new counter attack.

Multiple attacks against Chaos Servers had commenced, but each time Condemned would focus the remains of his data in the defense of Forge Island, PERDITION, Hell Server and IMPACT Fortress, though many of the other Halo 4 maps fell without much of a fight, the Battles of Revaes, Sky City, Forge Island, and PERDITION, would prove a challenge for the Xbox Live counter attack.

Having to have had enough of the Seven Sage's wicked and unstoppable attacks against his army units, Condemned then falsely sends the Seven Xbox Live Players to BloodLine, where the seven Xbox Live Players would be led out straight into the open of an empty Halo 2 Anniversary map, giving Condemned the time he needs in order to deploy and unleashed the Shadow Leviathan, against them. Despite a heavy battle between the seven Sages and the Leviathan, the Seven Sages once again, came out triumphant, by not only destroying the Shadow Leviathan, but also wiping out the data, of Condemned's emergency supply which he held hidden on this map, further hurting Condemned even more to the point that he abandoned all hope of killing the Seven Sages.

The Seven Sages at this sudden change of events were able to turn the tide once again, which eventually caused Condemned to lose the last maps on the Halo 4 Server, which at the same time even wiped out Hell Server.

As Condemned was now on the verge of destruction, and the forces of Chaos now being overrun, the virus planted the remaining streams of Data into a single Mantis, to use as an indestructible super weapon in order to turn the tide of the war, but IMPACT Fortress was attacked by the Seven Sages, and the Mantis was destroyed in an engagement. With no options left and no data left to remain in Xbox Live, Condemned could do nothing but flee back to the Dark Network while the rest of IMPACT Fortress was destroyed by Xbox Live Moderators.

With no power, Condemned attempted to heal his wounded codings in the dark Network, but the Seven Sages had managed to find a way to enter the Dark Network and hunt down the weakened virus. Condemned, using the blacked background and codings to his advantage managed to stall the Seven Sages long enough to spawn a Hornet and escape down the Dark Network, where the Seven Sages would chase after by their surviving Banshees and Hornet.

The chase ensures all over the Dark Network, and despite Condemned calling out and summoning multiple coding and Dark Horseman A.I's to bring down the Sages, these attempts would only gain the seven players even closer towards their victory.

As heavy fighting ensured in the Dark Network, Aeons Windspear had managed to shoot down Condemned's Hornet and send it plunging onto a darkened solid coded platform. The Super virus managed to survive and abandon the vehicle as the Sages land their Banshees and began to pursuit on foot, while fighting through a horde of Dark Hoursman forces.

Upon breaking through the army of Dark coded entities, the Seven Sages managed to arrive at a dark coded bridge section only to come face to face with a Shadow Gunship, which laid a barrage of Dark Webb missiles on the entire field causing the Seven Sages to become trapped, and stranded on the bridge section. As the sages fight off the horde of Dark Hourseman advancing on their position through Deep Webb style APC's and trucks, the Shadow Gunship eventually returns and fires a Deep coded Hail fire missile towards the Sages rear causing most of them to become be knocked off the ground, despite this the Sages are still able to put up a fight even through their failing visions through their TV screens in reality, but Windspear is knocked to the ground as RisingSun90777 pulls him out of range of the other Dark Horseman before laying down surprising fire with his Carbine, and Sniper, he is soon shot in the shoulder and forced to retreat back into cover.

Throughout the chaos StealthStrike280's wounded Game Avatar is lying down near a burning Deep Web coded truck, as the rest of Sages are soon about to be overrun.

Condemned, later returns from hiding and is about to execute both Sharpshooter369 and BJLTheOverlord, until the network begins to fall apart due to too much fighting occurring within the heart of the Deep Web, this causing the super virus to focus his power on attempting to save his staging home, giving StealthStrike280 enough time to slide Windsepar's Binary Rifle towards him. With clear aimed Windspear fired 2 shots at Condemned, one at his chest another at his cranium, causing him to fall off the Dark Web coded bridge, and into the void below, never to be seen again.

Post Destruction & War

The only thing remaining of Condemned would be a single orb of data. This data would be found and destroyed by every one of the Seven Sages, who by then were able to restore their damaged gaming OC and obtain full control of their situation in the deep web. Upon destroying the last orb of data, the Condemned was finally eliminated once and for all, avenging many Xbox Live accounts that were lost 3 months prior.

After the war, no trace of Condemned was left when it was eventually discovered by scientist that the Seven Sages have successfully eliminated and destroyed the Super A.I virus.

Skills & Tactics

The skills that Condemned posses is known to be the skills and tactics, far beyond any other form of Human instinct. Condemned's IQ was known to have been very high to the point of even the most experience of commanders in the United States military. Condemned was successfully able to create an entire army from coding directed all around the Deep Web, while at the same time being able to direct a successful Invasion against the video game network of Xbox Live, revealing that the super virus is able to both create and lead military attacks against targets while at the same time deploying newer forces onto the field, this intelligent IQ strategy would be the main strength for the supervirus.

Condemned's tactics during the Moderation War, was mostly similar to that of an RTS video game, in which Xbox Live serves as the main battle ground of the game, and every one of the Halo games are skirmish missions with Chaos being the main faction run and led by Condemned and other leaders created by the super virus, in which Condemned directs a Chaos battalion from each Halo game with the use of a special signal from the Deep Web, in order to move the army of AI's forward in order to eliminate Xbox Live players along with others on the maps of the Halo games.

Condemned also gains pleasure, with the use of Game coding in which he uses as resources in order to create more Chaos forces from the Deep Web, however after the Seven Sages began to attack and destroy these web coding in Xbox Live, Condemned eventually would turn to the coding of the Deep Web like he did before Viral Day.

The super virus also contained the ability to break Wall barriers all around each Halo game, allowing Chaos to Invade map servers that are too small to posses tanks, and Hornets, he is also capable for spawning in Deep Web Dark Horseman along with beasts created from the Deep Web as well, it would be from this major event that Xbox Live would be partially erased or heavily damaged by the end of the Moderation War on December 31st 2015.