Tiger's Talons

The Tiger's Talons shown during the Pre-Moderation War Era, just 5 days before Viral Day...

The Tiger's Talons were a three member clan, created by TigerLily819, in order to represent the power of female gamers. The clan was known to be a large cyber bully group on Xbox Live, as the Talons would often hurt newly arrived gamer girls just for their own amusement, while at the same time attempting to reach a certain goal on proving to the world that female gamers are more superior then male gamers.

Tanya Bladedancer, was tormented by this very clan, for the past week, until they were confronted by RisingSun90777, and Aeons Windspear. Tanya Bladedancer took revenge against Tigerlily, and her entire clan by humiliating her in an Online multiplayer session after she was trained by both Aeons Windspear and RisingSun90777, thus making them all the laughing stock of the entire Halo community, and beyond.

The Clan along with every one of its members were fragged during the events of Viral Day.

... TigerLily819
... RoseThorn732
... RoyalSkye9012


  • The Talons, despite being in existence to prove the power of Female gamers, were never shown bullying male gamers, as they were constantly always torturing and bullying female gamers, mostly the new ones that have just arrived on Xbox Live, the cause of this was mostly mentioned by RoyalSkye in 2035, that due to most of the gamers being sexists, the Talons would stand no chance against the male gamers on Xbox Live, as they dominate the number of female gamers, this reveals that the Talon's fear male gamers, and won't even try to bully or troll them...
    • This could have been the main explanation on why the Talon's said next to nothing, when RisingSun90777 and Aeons Windspear confronted the trio for bullying Tanya Bladedancer...
  • The Talons, by far were the first known clan antagonists created for the Machinima before Chaos came into the picture, and are also known as the second clan in existence, as the first was FoxTrot...