Account Created: February 22nd, 2004
Former Team Color: Unknown (Possibly Blue during Overseer Championship)
Armor Color: Red & Orange
Gender: Male
Species: Spartan (Halo 4)
Faction: FoxTrot
Armor Ability: Active Camo
Property of: The PROJECT Corporation
Vehicles most Used: Unknown
Arsenal Most Used:
Status: Fragged
Created By: 2091riveraisrael & PLATNIUMskull90

Torquiset118 was one of the Major League Gamers from Xbox Live, who took part in both the Overseer Championship, and the disastrous Shadow Network Incident, along side his clan members known as FoxTrot. He along with the rest of his clan, was fragged just 2 minutes before Viral Day was Initiated, at the end of the Shadow Network Incident.

Like the other clan members of FoxTrot it is unclear as to who he is in reality, but Unlike anyone else in the Clan FoxTrot, Torquiset118, is the only known clan member to use a Sniper Rifle as a primary fire arm, as he uses it more rather then the Bolt Shot.

Like the rest of FoxTrot, He is one of the protagonists, of Before the Storm, a Prequel Mini Series created by PLATNIUMskull90.


118 During the Overseer Championship

Torquiset used to use a Light rifle during the events of the Overseer Championship on September 4th, 2015, before swapping to a Sniper Rifle 2 days later...


Halo 4



  • Torquiset118, appears to be the Sniper of FoxTrot, as he is shown wielding a Sniper as a primary fire arm...
  • It is unclear what happened to the gamers after their fragging, Torquiset118, along with the rest of FoxTrot are never heard from again, after their fragging at OutCast...
  • Torquiset118 appears to have weakness in close Quarter combat, as it is discovered that he never uses the Bolt Shot, due to him not having an actual interest in it, the main reason on why he has the Bolt Shot as a secondary fire arm remains unclrear...
  • Though a sniper, Torquiset118, appeared in frontal battles against the Dark Horsman, in all episodes of Before the Storm, revealing that his skills with a sniper are so aggressive that he doesn't even need to be at a long range distance to waste his enemies...
  • It is unclear where Torquiset118 resides in reality, as he never mentions it in the prequel...