Halo 5 Torus Map
Manufactured: 2016 (Developed in Halo 5)
Arthur: Unknown
  • Skies
  • Platforms
  • Shadow Ocean Structures
Game: Halo 5
Vehicles: Unknown
Fate: Attacked by White Sky Riders during final months of the Clan Crisis...
Class: Fictional Matchmaking Map
Halo Region: Unknown

"These heavily defended platforms serves as a vital spot for Shadow Ocean to concentrate their Air Power, against the maps of random Halo games."

Torus is a fictional Halo 5 forge world based Map, for the video game Halo 5 Guardians, which was designed to take part as one of the Battles during the Clan Crisis participated in. The map served as a heavily fortified Shadow Ocean sky field, for Banshees, and played a vital role in the Clan Crisis, serving as a clan moderated type development facility, and was also the main home fortress where the Orbital Star Stryker was developed from.

The map was Invaded and occupied by the White Sky Riders on November 28th, 2017, during the final months of the Clan Crisis, further eliminating RisingSun90777's only chance left at devlopiung and respawning in more Banshee support in order to keep his air power stable.


Located in the high atmosphere of an unidentified gas giant, Torus consists of several giant platforms and walkways which bridge and connected to other platforms on the map.

Each platform consists of large floating spaces which contain fences structures and what appears to be a large load of Banshees stationed and parked in the map's background, Banshees are often shown flying around on the Map's eastern half patrolling the eastern platforms in the distance, while Shadow Ocean's OSS Banshee patrols the map itself, and flies over head looking around, before disappearing below the platforms to do it again.

Defense guns and anti air turret are shown on the platforms in the far distance, as well as on Torus itself, where if a player ventures through the sky walks, they can see several anti air cannons over watching the skies over the map, these guns can not be accessed by any player, and are only there for display.

Shadow Ocean markers are encrypted and painted on almost every structure on Torus, including flags being shown waving in the distance, revealing that Torus might have been a Shadow Ocean air field map, during the Clan Crisis.


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