Viral Fortress
Xbox 4 12 2018 12 50 16 PM
Manufactured: 2007 (Developed in Halo ODST)
Terrain: Beaches, Bunkers, Fortress
  • Halo 3
  • Halo ODST
Fate: Destroyed by the Sages about 2 weeks following Sandbox's destruction...
Class: Fortress Map
Halo Region: Kenya

Viral Fortress was a Chaos fortified position that was constructed by Super Virus Condemned on Halo 3's Multiplayer map HIGH GROUND during the Moderation War on Xbox Live.

It was commissioned by Condemned in order to be the main Head Quarters of Chaos Occupied Halo 3, and was also considered to be run by Chaos Leader Bartholomew2472. The Base was attacked and destroyed by the Seven Sages about 2 weeks after the Fall of Sandbox, in retaliation.