Aeons Windspear's Mantis
Windspear's Mantis
Manufactured: 2015 (Appears in Condemnation)
Creator: 2091riveraisrael
Occupation: Mech
User: Aeons Windspear (Used during Moderation War, given to Aeons Windspear after Moderation War...)
  • 1 M655 Heavy Machine Gun/Anti-Matériel
  • 1 M5920 Surface-to-Ground Missile Launcher/Anti-Matériel
Vehicle Class: Mantis
Model Class: Halo 4 Mantis
Class: Halo based vehicle

Windspear's Mantis was a unique Mantis, that was operated and later given to Aeons Windspear at the end of the Moderation War, and was also known to be one of the only surviving Mantis's that were left following Chaos' immiediate attempt at destroying and deleting any other Mantis around Halo 4.

This Mantis alongside PLATNIUMskull90's Mantis, were the only 2 Mantis's that were left on the server of Halo 4, post Viral Day. It is unknown how they had remained hidden from Chaos for so long as Halo 4, was locked down tight by Condemned, leaving the where abouts on how these Mantis's were hidden unknown.



  • Aeons WIndspear's Mantis was known to have the most armor when it came to the end of the Moderation War...
  • Unlike PLATNIUMskull90's Mantis, which contains the heaviest of firepower, Aeons Windspear's Mantis is much slower, and a lot tougher, while PLATNIUM's Mantis is faster...